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David Lynch, Lorde, Nick Cave and a unicorn go on a road trip to Joshua Tree and beyond....The Wolf and The Moon, aka Elle Spencer-Lewis on vocals and guitar with Rhythms (Rylee Anderson) on electronic drum kit and loops have been playing local bars and clubs for the past two years.  In 2005 Elle signed to Rescue Records and has toured Europe 5 times with her band.  As a composer, Elle has also placed music in various TV shows and movies such as Friday Night Lights, and Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal. She has composed for multiple media platforms from films, documentaries, and commercials to interactive environments such as Redbull-At-Night and 3D visuals for the Space Shuttle Endeavor opening at the Natural History Museum.   


The eagerly-awaited The Wolf And The Moon EP features grammy award winning talent such as John Bellerose (T-Bone Burnett, Tom Waits) and M.B. Gordy (Pharrell Williams, Beck).  "The Wolf And The Moon project merged from a love of roadtrips, the Wim Wenders' movie Paris, Texas, and the decision to make the most personal and raw music I could. To be fearless," says songwriter and composer Elle Spencer-Lewis.    "These are stories I've never told, things I'd kept to myself.  I had an inner landscape that was windblown and desperate for a drop of water.  I kept trying to run from it, until I realized I was actually running towards an inner truth.  I realized that others might have this desert inside them too, and I wanted them along on this roadtrip of self-discovery." 

"A voice that evokes a kind of magic realism, a spell whispered in your ear"

                                                             - The Toronto Sun

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